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Our Daily Cornbread

"Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson"

Laughter. It's the perfect way to start your day. Our Daily Cornbread is :30 seconds of Wisdom delivered to your audience by Sister Willie Ruth Johnson, that down home Southern Chick that knows how to cure a stressful day. Market Exclusive. Barter. Total run time is 90 seconds.

Sherre Miller Bishop

Sherre Miller Bishop has been a comedienne and a dramatist from birth. She probably got more “time-outs” that any school-age child in America. But God had a plan. The class clown who was “smart” but “talked too much” now gets paid to talk and make people laugh. Based in the “Music City USA,” the country music capitol of the world, Sherre travels the U.S. taking the stage as America’s beloved big mama known as, “Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson.” Besides being a comedienne, Bishop's professional skill set includes broadcasting professional, voice-over talent, singer, and corporate speaker. She is increasingly becoming the “go-to” speaker for organizations seeking topics related to learning how to let go ( Her extensive background in TV and radio news includes stints in Milwaukee, Raleigh, Memphis, Nashville, and as a local stringer for the Washington-based BET News. Sherre suffered a setback in her ministry in 2009 when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. But she emerged from the experience with a renewed mind and strengthened determination to cultivate her talent and take laughter to the masses.


And here she is! Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson is a Southern-fried church lady who is as downhome as hot buttered, cornbread. The telling-it-straight-before-its-too-late, church lady dishes up what she calls the healing ministry and medicine of laughter. Spinning tales of wisdom through side-splitting comedy, she often uses the platform to educate or evangelize.


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